Second hand for ALS

ALS patients sell their own belongings to the benefit of research

ALS patients rapidly lose control over their muscles. They can therefore no longer make use of most of their personal belongings after only a short period of time. As a consequence, the ALS League and advertising agency Publicis - together with Koen Mortier and CZAR – organize a campaign in the week of June 21 Global ALS Day, that makes you reflect upon ALS, to say the least.

In collaboration with “” a web-shop was established where patients can offer to sell their personal belongings in favour of research into ALS. From this action, it is immediately obvious how horrible this disease really is: somebody offers e.g. his toolbox, another patient his home care bed. These patients keep on fighting ALS, although they themselves might have already passed away.

You can, as a consumer, support this action by purchasing items from the shop, or you can also sell belongings yourself to the benefit of ALS research. Straightforward instructions can be found on (web-site only available in Dutch).

The entire campaign will be kicked off from June 20th onward via a catchy TV spot, radio spots and banners on “”. The radio spot is produced by Cobra; the imagery is supported by photographers Jef Boes and Koen Mortier.

Your support and help in dissemination of this campaign is highly appreciated by the ALS League and is as well very valuable to the research into the disease.

For more information on ALS:

Evy Reviers, CEO

​ or 0495-44 67 82,

For more information on the campaign:

Fréderic Sodermans, Account Manager Publicis or 02-645 35 28