Distribution campaign leaflets to notaries



Since the ALS League doesn’t dispose of enough financial means, it’s not always possible to involve a distribution center to spread out our leaflets. That’s why we ask pALS to create a solid network in the battle against ALS. To inform as many people about ALS and duo-bequests, a mean to include a charity in your will, the ALS League launches a distribution campaign of the leaflet ‘Help ALS de wereld uit en steun het wetenschappelijk onderzoek!’. We hereby call out to distribute our leaflet to notaries in your neighborhood. The purpose of our campaign is to acquaint the general public with ALS, our funds ‘A cure for ALS’ and ‘MaMuze’ and the concept ‘duo-bequests’. A duo-bequest permits you to include a charity in your testament where a part of your heritage will go to the charity in question. You pay less inheritance tax, leaving your inheritors a more substantial net amount. In addition, charitable bequest are risk free since you will always dispose of your assets. Arrange a meeting with your notary, lawyer or asset manager to discuss the proper implementation of a charitable bequest. The law concerning duo-bequests differs dependent on the region and can change from time to time.

You can find more information on duo-bequests in the earlier mentioned leaflet, in the booklet ‘The guide for gifts and legacies’, which is freely available with the ALS League or on ALS.be/en/Pay-less-taxes-on-your-inheritance.


When you have arranged a meeting with the ALS League, we ask if you are willing to distribute the leaflet. We will hand out the leaflets as soon as you decide to participate. We ask you the name and the address of the notary you are going distribute the leaflets to. After that, it’s up to you to hand over the leaflets to your notary. You can only acquire the leaflets at the secretary of the ALS League. Only in special cases, we send the leaflets to your address.

Following our distribution campaign, we search engaged pALS to elaborate our campaign visually. We hereby invite pALS to call out to people to distribute our leaflet in a 30 second spot. When you would like to participate, send an email to events@ALS.be. We then send you a script. You can film the spot at home with your smartphone, which will be shown on our social media channels. For more information, call the number 016/23 95 82 or send an email to events@ALS.be.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we hope for a big response!