What do we do?

Stimulate and finance scientific research.

Provide technical and logistic aids (ALS Mobility & Digitalk vzw) free of charge.

Inform patients, family members and third parties of the disease ALS with the help of the website, ALS Liga-magazine, social media.

Provide psycho-social support for patients and family after the diagnosis.

Strive for customized reception and care: Personal Assistance Budget, Riziv-convention, home care (liaison) and a care home ‘Middelpunt’.

 Raise awareness of the public opinion..

 Stand up for the rights of ALS-patients at several authorities and the Government.

Establish contacts with foreign organizations in order to gather and exchange information.

Gather funds to guarantee an optimal functioning for the ALS–patient.

• Organize contact moments / symposia on a national and international level. 


Acting as ethical funds collectors we have the duty to direct the financial means we receive for a well-described goal towards an accordingly destined Fund. Herewith, we guarantee our donors a correct destination for their financial support. The four pillars of our activities are: scientific research for ALS (A cure for ALS), the MaMuze Fund (Middelpunt), aid tools (ALS M&D) and the general operations of the ALS Liga. Thank you kindly for your trust in the name of our pALS.