Support for tools

If you wish to offer pALS tools for mobility or communication, make a donation to the ALS Liga with the mention ‘ALS M&D’.
Over the course of a year, for a donation of 40 euro and up you also receive a tax certificate

Your donation to the MaMuze fund will be dedicated for 100 % to the following goal:

ALS Mobility & Digitalk (ALS M&D) is a lending service where patients with ALS (pALS) can borrow tools quickly and for free. The gamut includes mobility tools like wheeled walkers, manual wheelchairs, sophisticated electrical wheelchairs and lift systems, and communication tools like devices operated by head or eye movements, speech recognition computers and tablet computers with communication software.

The lending service ALS Mobility & Digitalk is an answer to the inadequate government measures for people with ALS. On an average, ALS patients have 3 to 5 years left to live. Their needs also change drastically during that time. People that are older than 65 at the moment that they are diagnosed with ALS almost cannot get help from the government. The Lending service ALS M&D helps all ALS patients and lends out the tools that people need at that very moment for free.

The lending service has been specifically designed to meet with the constantly evolving needs of an ALS patient. A large diversity of tools is required. They need to be available at all times and continuously adapted.

In the past few years, the lending service has invested tremendously in buying, maintaining and adapting all kinds of tools and software systems. Furthermore we could count on sympathizers who donated high technological tools such as chin-controlled electric wheelchairs, communication equipment, environmental operating systems and lift systems. But financial support is and remains essential to guarantee optimal function of the lending service and to be able to support pALS as much as possible.

Benefactors contribute directly to the success of this project and the life quality of pALS. Make a donation now and ease the suffering of hundreds of ALS patients that we reach and support.

Thanks to the contribution of many, we manage to make a miracle come true. We count on your participation!