This is undoubtedly the most important and most visited element of our website. New research is continuously developing all over the world. 

This category is dedicated to facts and events relating to ALS, the ALS Liga, and affiliated individuals.


Here you will find an overview of publications concerning ALS as well as the position the international alliance ALS/MND holds regarding alternative medicine.

This category contains everything concerning the judicial changes and adaptations in the wellness- and health sector. Topics relating to home-care, volunteer work, and assistance  are also included.


The VAPH promotes participation, integration, and equality amongst disabled people. Their main goal is to facilitate the highest possible independence and quality of life.


On this website you will find information for people living with a handicap. Examples are: the new welfare amounts, frequently asked questions, general measures,…

The RIZIV is a federal institution that, like health insurance funds, plays a crucial role in healthcare and disability benefits. They organise, run and control this ‘obligatory insurance’ in Belgium. 

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All pictures relating to events organised over the past years can be found here. Events organised by the ALS Liga as well as events organised for the benefit of our organisation are included. Pictures from ALS patients can be found here as well.

This category allows you to watch videos about both patients and scientists, as they talk to you about ALS. You can watch educational videos about the technologies and review all our commercials.

An overview of our investors and links to their respective websites.  

This category contains links to ALS associations in other countries, patients’ websites, and all sorts of useful links concerning spare time, organisations, accessibility, and aid.

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