A Cure for ALS

Target Amount
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in the fight against ALS€ 664.000,00€ 128.946,99
The fruit fly as a model for new therapeutic strategies for ALS€ 450.000,00€ 40.667,98
The zebrafish as a model for C9orf72 related ALS€ 400.000,00€ 35.796,88
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A Cure for ALS is the research fund of the ALS Liga Belgium. All the donations in this fund are given to scientific research, without any administrative costs being taken off the amount. Donors choose which project they want to allocate their donation to. This allows them to directly select a project that is supported by the ALS Liga and that offers great chances of success.

Per project there is a detailed description of the goal, the purpose, the costs and the specific expectations. Each project disposes of its own webpage on the ALS Liga’s website, with a counter that indicates the amount raised so far. Each donation increases that amount on the counter.

Prof. Robberecht, Prof. Van Damme and Prof. Van Den Bosch are specialists in the ALS research at the KU Leuven, recognized worldwide as a leader in the medical field. Their current projects are as follows:

● The zebrafish as a model for C9orf72 related ALS
● Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in the fight against ALS
● The fruit fly as a model for new therapeutic strategies for ALS

“The ALS Liga is proud of the Belgian scientists and the progression they are making. This is why we have chosen to give all proceeds to them”, says Evy Reviers, CEO of the ALS Liga. “We have been enjoying an agreeable collaboration with the KU Leuven for many years.”

“We combine the diagnosis and care for patients who suffer from Amyothrophic Lateral Scleroris (ALS) by carrying out clinical and fundamental scientific research. The purpose of our research is to understand the mechanisms which are responsible for the death of the motoric nervous cells in ALS. A better insight in the disease process allows contributing to the development of new therapeutic strategies for ALS. This type of research is very expensive. The financial support which we have received from the ALS Liga in the past and which we will receive in the future is extremely important to us.”
- Prof. Wim Robberecht

Total of all donations:

€ 205.411,85

13 %

Target Amount

€ 1.514.000


13 %

Research Team

Philip Van Damme, MD, PhD
Stem Cells for ALS

Ludo Van Den Bosch, PhD
The fruit fly as a model for ALS

Wim Robberecht, MD, PhD
The zebrafish as a model for ALS

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