ALS trials

Have you ever considered participating in a clinical trial (study) and thus contributing to medical research?

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Clinical trials in Belgium...

Biogen SOD1 ASO study Active and recruiting

Biogen Methodology study Active but not recruiting anymore

Cytokinetics tirasemtiv study Active but not recruiting anymore

PYRAMID study Active and recruiting


Clinical trials abroad in collaboration with the league



Acthar Gel Recruiting 03/2020 Mallinckrodt
Albumin Completed 01/2018 ... Spain
AMX0035 Recruiting 05/2019 Amylyx
Antiretroviral Active Not Recruiting 12/2018 NNDS
Autologe Stamcellen     Mayo Clinic, Arabia, Israel, Iran, India, Poland, Spain, Czech, Brasil
Allogene Stamcellen     TCA Cellular Therapy LLC, Corestem en univs
AstroRx Recruiting 07/2020 Kadimastem
CK-2127107 Recruiting 07/2018 Cytokinetics and Astellas
CU(II) ATSM Recruiting 04/2019 Coll Med Dev Australia
Foetale stamcellen Active Not Recruiting 12/2016 ... Neuralstem
Foetale stamcellen Completed 12/2015 ... Terni Hospital Italy
GDNF Recruiting 04/2019 Cedars Sinai
Interleukine 2 Recruiting 03/2020 Univ Nîmes, France and UK
Levosimendan (ODM-109) Recruiting 10/2020 Orion
Memantine Not Yet Recruiting 10/2020 Kansas
Methylcobalamin Recruiting 03/2020 Eisai Japan
Mexiletine 2 Recruiting 05/2018 ... Univ Washington
Novel Outcome Active Not Recruiting 09/2019 Biogen
Nurown Recruiting 07/2019 Brainstorm
Perampanel Recruiting 12/2018 Eisai, Beirut
Pimozide Recruiting 04/2018 ... University of Calgary
Q-cells Active Not Recruiting 12/2020 Q Therapeutics
Rapamycine Recruiting 09/2019 Univ Modena
Retigabine Recruiting 02/2018 ... US MGHospital
RNS60 Recruiting 01/2022 Italy and US
SOD1-antisense Recruiting 07/2018 Biogen/Ionis
Tocilizumab Active Not Recruiting 08/2018 Barrow Institute
Triumeq Active Not Recruiting 06/2020 Neuroscience Trials Australia
VM202 Completed 12/2017 ... ViroMed