ALS trials

Have you ever considered participating in a clinical trial (study) and thus contributing to medical research?

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Info experimental studies

Clinical trials in Belgium...

Transposon studie met TPN-101 in C9orf72 ALS en/of FTD Active and recruiting

Wave FOCUS-C9 studie met C9orf72 ASO in ALS en FTD Active and recruiting

HIMALAYA-studie Active and recruiting

MAGNET-studie Active and recruiting

Cytokinetics COURAGE studie met Reldesemtiv Active and recruiting

Ferrer ADORE studie met FAB122 (orale vorm edaravone) Active and recruiting

Biogen ATLAS studie met ASO met presymptomatische SOD1 dragers Active and recruiting

Ionis FUSION studie met FUS ASO Active and recruiting

Apellis MERIDIAN studie met pegcetacoplan in ALS Active and recruiting

Alexion CHAMPION-ALS study Discontinued

Orphazyme Arimoclomol (ORARIALS-01) study Completed

Biogen SOD1 ASO study Active

Biogen Methodology study Completed

PESA study Active and recruiting

PYRAMID study Active and recruiting

REFALS - Levosimendan (ODM-109) Completed

TUDCA study Recruiting


Clinical trials abroad in collaboration with the league



AMX-0035 PHOENIX Recruiting 03/2024 Amylyx
Antiretroviral X Recruiting 02/2023 NINDS
Autologe Stamcellen X     Czech, Mayo, Poland, Korea
Allogene Stamcellen X     Caribbean, universities
BIIB105   Recruiting 07/2026 Biogen/Ionis
Cannabinoids EMERALD Recruiting 01/2022 Australia
CU(II)ATSM   Active Not Recruiting 12/2022 Coll Med Dev Australia
Deferiprone FAIR-ALS II Recruiting 04/2022 France 
DNL343   Recruiting 12/2023 Denali
Edaravone oral, FAB122 ADORE Recruiting 03/2022 Mitsubishi, Ferrer
Fasudil ROCK REAL Active Not Recruiting 07/2022 Germany, France, US
GDNF   Recruiting 09/2023 Cedars Sinai
Healey Platform Trial HEALEY Recruiting   NEALS
Ibudilast (MN-166) COMBAT-ALS Recruiting 12/2024 MediciNova
ION363 fus FUSION Recruiting 03/2024 Ionis
Interleukin 2 MIROCALS Completed 09/2021 Univ Nîmes
Lithium Magnet MAGNET Recruiting   Tricals
Masinitib   Recruiting 12/2023 AB Science
Memantine and Trazodone SMART Recruiting 12/2026 UK
Pegcetacoplan MERIDIAN Not Recruiting 10/2023 Apellis
Presymptomatic sod1 ATLAS Recruiting 08/2027 ...



ALTA BOLT Not Yet Recruiting 12/2024 Q Therapeutics
Rapamycin RAPALS Completed 02/2022 Univ Modena
Reldesemtiv COURAGE Recruiting 03/2024 Cytokinetics
RNS60   Not Yet Recruiting 01/2022 Italy and USB
SAR443820 HIMALAYA Recruiting.  04/2024 Sanofi
BIIB067 Long Term sod1   Active Not Recruiting 06/2024 Biogen/Ionis
TPN-101 C9 Transposon Recruiting 09/2023 Transposon
TUDCA   Active Not Recruiting 06/2022 horizon 2020
WVE-004 Focus C9 Recruiting 03/2023 wave