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Have you ever considered participating in a clinical trial (study) and thus contributing to medical research?

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Clinical trials in Belgium...

Alexion CHAMPION-ALS study Active but not recruiting anymore

Orphazyme Arimoclomol (ORARIALS-01) study Active but not recruiting anymore

Biogen SOD1 ASO study Active but not recruiting anymore

Biogen Methodology study Completed

PESA study Active and recruiting

PYRAMID study Active and recruiting

REFALS - Levosimendan (ODM-109) Completed

TUDCA study Recruiting


Clinical trials abroad in collaboration with the league



Antiretroviral Recruiting 02/2022 NINDS
AT-1501 Recruiting   Anelixis TDI NOVUS
Autologe Stamcellen     Iran, India, Czech, Brasil
Allogene Stamcellen     TCA Cellular Therapy, Corestem, univs
BIIB105 Recruiting 02/2023 Biogen/Ionis
Cannabinoids Recruiting 01/2022 Australia
C9-antisense BIIB078 Active Not Recruiting 07/2022 Biogen/Ionis
CU(II)ATSM Recruiting 12/2020 ... Coll Med Dev Australia
Deferiprone Recruiting 04/2022 France 
Edaravone oral Recruiting 03/2022 Mitsubishi
Fasudil Recruiting 07/2022 Germany
Foetale stamcellen (NSI-566) Active Not Recruiting 12/2016 ... Seneca
GDNF Completed 10/2019 ... Cedars Sinai
Healey Platform Trial Recruiting   NEALS
Ibudilast (MN-166) Recruiting 12/2024 MediciNova
ION363 Recruiting 03/2024 Ionis
Interleukin 2 Active Not Recruiting 09/2021 Univ Nîmes
Masinitib Recruiting 10/2022 AB Science
Memantine Recruiting 10/2022 Kansas
Nurown Completed 10/2020 ... Brainstorm
Pegcetacoplan Recruiting 10/2023 Apellis
Perampanel Recruiting   Eisai, Beirut and US
Pimozide Recruiting 12/2019 ...

University of Calgary

Presymptomatic sod1 Recruiting 08/2027 ...



Not Yet Recruiting 12/2024 Q Therapeutics
Rapamycin Active Not Recruiting 01/2021 ... Univ Modena
Ravulizumab Active Not Recruiting 10/2024 Alexion
Reldesemtiv Recruiting 03/2024 Cytokinetics
RNS60 Active Not Recruiting 01/2022 Italy and US
Ropinorole Recruiting 03/2021 Japan
SOD1-antisense BIIB067 Active Not Recruiting 07/2021 Biogen/Ionis
Tregs Active Not Recruiting 11/2024 Dr Stanley Appel NEALS
TUDCA Completed 06/2022 horizon 2020
WVE-004 Recruiting 03/2023 wave