Take part in an ALS Activity

Three suggestions for supporting the scientific research and for supporting the pALS


Let’s throw ourselves into the breach for ALS! Do you feel anxious to organize an activity for charity? Are you a born organizer? Would you like to take on a new challenge? Then support the patients with the life-threatening disease ALS and sympathize with those who are stuck in their wheelchairs or on their beds. Organize an activity together which produces money.

In order to stop an illness such as ALS, money is needed for the scientific research ‘A cure for ALS’. A lot of money even. Funds are also needed to allow pALS to spend a pleasant journey in MIDDELPUNT ‘MaMuze’ or to support them with devices ‘Mobility & Digitalk’. Cooking costs money also. You too can help! By taking part in an action for instance or by organizing one yourself.

1. Choose a challenge and decide how much you want to donate:

Make a bet

● Make a prognosis for your favorite sports club.

● Donate 1 € when you arrive too late somewhere.

● Play a game in your local bar.

● Play a board game with the family.

● Learn something new such as skiing, skateboard, and skating, dancing, horse riding and make a bet of it.

Make good resolutions

● By day that you don’t smoke…

● Per pint of beer that you drink less…

● Per kilo that you lose…

● … donate a predetermined sum of money for ALS research.

Become sportive

● Do something new such as sky-diving, go-karting, parachute jumps and find you a sponsor (sponsors).

● Or per kilometer that you walk, per lap that you swim, per goal that you score…find yourself a sponsor (sponsors) or donate a predetermined amount for ALS research.

● Organize a game of football, basketball, tennis, badminton and have people take bets.

Become culinary

● Cook and bake for a charity.

● Organize a barbecue or a brunch.

● Organize a wine and cheese event.

● Bake waffles for your entire neighborhood.

Let’s party!

● Organize a karaoke evening, a Halloween-party, a garden party, a movie evening or a disco party.

● Or do you prefer playing a game of cards, organizing a quiz or a bingo evening?

● … ask every guest for an amount of 1 € for the collection box.

● If you have musical talents you can organize a charity concert.

Sell your used stuff

● Participate in a garage sale, cartoon fair or a second hand market and sell all your old stuff.

● Organize a jewel sale in your house or tombola.

Chores here and there

● Clean cars in your neighborhood.

● Do some shopping for someone.

● Mow your neighbors’ lawn.

● Or other small chores of all kinds!

Be creative with your hands

● Make beautiful floral compositions.

● Make aquarelles.

● Create your own jewelry and sell them.

The crazier… … the better!


2. Post your action on the social media and encourage your friends to participate. If you don’t use the social media make a warm appeal at your next meeting with friends or family.


3. Transfer your donations to the bank account numbers BE28 3850 6807 0320 and BIC BBRUBEBB

If you make a donation, please do not forget to mention your goal:

‘A cure for ALS’, ‘MaMuze’ of ‘Mobility & Digitalk’.

All donations are welcome and are always answered by a letter of thanks.

For an annual donation as of 40 euros you will receive a tax certificate.

Click here and make a donation:

BE28 3850 6807 0320 and BIC BBRUBEBB


Important information

● You can ask possible donators to transfer an amount to your account. These funds will then be transferred to the Liga in good conscience, mentioning the name and address of the donators and the amount transferred.

● The donators can also transfer an amount to the Liga directly. They will also receive a letter of thanks and a tax certificate as of 40 euros per year.

Interested? Contact our office on 016-23 95 82 or events@ALS.be.


If you organize an event, the ALS Liga can offer you different gadgets and promotional material to make your action even more visible. At our office you can come and collect posters, T-shirts in different sizes, flags, banners, logos and a PowerPoint presentation. Gadgets: cuddly toys, keychains, pens in different colors, greeting cards made by ALS patients. We deliver logos for posters on request. Contact the office for more information.