The ALS League Belgium stands for hope, transparency and solidarity. As a non-subsidized national ALS organization, our mission is to represent the interests of pALS (patients with ALS) at both a national and an international level. On a national level, we accomplish this by providing free expert care and support on physical (ALS Mobility & Digitalk), mental and social (MaMuze) levels to pALS, their relatives and all parties involved, by sensitizing the public opinion and making scientific research more easily accessible. We stimulate this research via the “A Cure For ALS” research fund, within which all donations are devoted entirely to ALS research. The League rests its hope on scientific research to eradicate ALS and aims to make it accessible and to stimulate it.

In addition to a national role, the League also plays a prominent role on an international level. For example, the ALS League has already initiated several international projects, both within and outside Europe, and cooperates actively within an International Alliance. The ALS League also established EUpALS, the European Organization for Professionals and Patients with ALS, to ease the European research legislation related to research and to optimize the quality of life to the benefit of pALS.


A future in which ALS is not a death sentence, but a curable illness. A world where both cause and remedy are known. The ALS League aims to be a transparent driving force in the fight against ALS in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world. pALS have an unconditional right to appropriate care on medical, social, financial and moral levels regardless of their personal background. To fulfill this vision, we rely on employees who share our goals and values. Where the needs of pALS are not satisfactorily met, we develop the necessary additional initiatives to meet those needs. We defend their rights and try to promote those as widely as possible in our society.

The League and all its representatives must always act honestly and with integrity and behave in an ethically responsible manner. The latter means that our activities can only have the purpose to eradicate ALS and to improve the quality of life of pALS.
The ALS League plays an active role in research communication with third parties and continues to advocate priority support for projects focused on rare diseases.