An ALS diagnosis brings a patient and his/her family in an emergency situation. Gathering the necessary information often doesn’t suffice and that’s why the ALS Liga provides concrete help. First, we offer psychosocial assistance. We have a close to permanently working office for making concrete appointments.

With a visit, we offer patients and family an opportunity to, through their questions, form a picture of the difficult future that awaits them. How will the physical abilities of the patient evolve? How can the patient make a choice from the support offer the government provides? What will be the impact on the family or the personal assistance? In a deeply humanitarian and not-carping way, the patients and their family will be prepared for a life with ALS.

Additionally, the patient will be offered a free choice from a gamma of technical and logistical tools, which will compensate as good as possible the losing of physical functions. Wheelchairs, lifting systems, speech computers, etc. will be important supplements which can compensate the loss.