Improvement of supporting people with a handicap


Flemish minister of Public Health, Wellbeing and Family, Steven Vanackere, signed a ministerial decision today concerning the revision of the reference list for resources of people with a handicap. The new list will be applied from January 1, 2008. Beneath you’ll find several of the most important adjustments.

Seeing-eye dog and other assistance dogs better compensated

The reference amount for a seeing-eye dog for blind people is raised from 7.700 euro to 12.000 euro. For other assistance dogs (for example for people with a motoric handicap) the procedure of the special assistance fee has been established for the first time, for a similar refund amount of 12.000 euro.

Extra language with communication tools

Aside from Dutch people with a handicap who use dynamic communication tools, text devices and portable computers can use an extra language. This bilingualism is a very welcome aid for e.g. non-Dutch speaking people. For the communication tools a reference class has been added for an extra language valued at 180 euro.

Fixed positioned pull-up device on a base or with wall-mounting

Until now only people who had no functionality whatsoever in the lower limbs were considered for such an aid. Now people who have a certain functionality in the lower limbs can also make use of this tool. The reference amount comes down to 243.49 euro.

Adjustments and appliances of a bed

More people with a handicap will be considered for adjustments and appliances of a bed: hoisting a bed and electrical adjustable parts of the bed. People who have a certain remaining functionality of the lower limbs are also considered now. The reference amount of hoisting the bed is 207.22 euro. For the electrical adjustable parts: 129.51 euro.

Abolish the domain limits

Due to the fixed domain limits concerning home adjustments, there was a possibility that as a user you would still have to pay an additional amount yourself for resources because a financial ceiling was determined for each category. These domain limits are now abolished and the person with a handicap can now lay claim to the entire reference amount.

Aside from the adjustments mentioned above there are a few more smaller adjustments such as inclusion of a monitor arm when using a PC, rearrangements of the reference list and name changes that should bring more clarity.


Translation: Sara De Roy

Source: Medinews