Transportation tips


Good to know!

The following website is very useful: This website allows you to look for the right transportation mode within your area. Go to the menu on top of your screen and click on “Search Transportation”, type in your postcode and answer five questions about the following topics:

1) reduced mobility
2) public transport options
3) wheelchair access
4) reason for transport
5) income

Click on “Search Transportation” and it will show all possible solutions.

Every province has a MAV (Mobility Centre for Modified Transport).

There is an entry charge of €2. MAV uses fixed prices up to 50km sometimes per segment of 25km. Over 50km, a quotation needs to be requested via email. MAV will take care of this for you. They will obtain a quotation based on your information details (time and place of departure – type of transportation – time and place of arrival) from three companies and choose the most interesting one, because each company has its own price and competition between them is strong. A companion can travel for free, but this is best mentioned for insurance reasons.

Some local councils or health insurance services also offer transportation services. These are run by volunteers and are therefore dependent on their schedules. The transportation needs to be booked well in advance and runs the risk of being cancelled by the volunteer at the last moment. Be aware that these volunteers will charge you for their return trip as well. Should you book them for our weekend, you will be charged four times for the trip. Moreover, the drive of the volunteer to your pick-up place will be charged as well.

Transportation costs can be paid for with service cheques or via your Personal Assistance Budget (PAB). Make sure to be well informed when doing so.


Translation: Katia Ombelets