Volunteer Fund Raising

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Are you a smart talker ?

Or do you only need a few words to say a lot ?

If so, the ALS Liga might be looking for you …


We are still looking for a volunteer fund raiser who can contact all sorts of organisations, companies, government authorities to file applications for obtaining financial funds. With these funds we can elaborate our new goals for the ALS care centre, or purchase new devices and stimulate research for pALS.

Your task will be to start and organise fundraising actions and contact the intended organisations. These can be new, but also the existing funds known by the league need to be maitained.


The job has a lot of variation but it will give you satisfaction.

You think you are the person we are looking for ?

Don’t hesitate and contact us ! 

E-mail: info@ALS.be  

Or call our office : 016 23 95 82.