Volunteers of all kind

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Wanted : Volunteers of all kind

Due to the expansion of our aid field for pALS we are looking for a number of volunteers who can help and assist us in different areas. Are you good with numbers, do you speak different languages, do you like research, are you a computer nerd or do you prefer to help patients at home ? Interested ? Just click on one of the links beneath.

Cleaner (M/F)

Event organiser

Fund raiser

Tax advisor / bookkeeper


Volunteers "Research department"

Technicians or Mechanics


Administrative aids

Volunteer website

Volunteer video-animations

Graphic designer

Social Media


Volunteer work is popular

At present 1 out of 6 people perform volunteer work, but according to recent research on the website vrijwilligersjobs.be the amount is estimated a lot bigger.

The website started  a database and after one month nearly 150 candidate volunteers  applied to be contacted by several organisations. 57% of them never did any volunteer work before, 21% was already doing volunteer work and  23% did volunteer work but stopped with it. 75% wants to engage weekly,  25% only once in a while. Of those who engage weekly 29 % are prepared to work 4 hours per week, 22 % between 5 and 10 hours and 24 % even more than 10 hours per week.

The majority of them prefer to work for organisations dealing with people and society (38 %).  22% chooses to work for healthcare organisations, 25% prefer animals and environment and 14% work for relief organisations.

94% of the candidate volunteers don’t judge the religious background of the organisation of any importance .

About diploma’s : 44% are  masters of bachelors, 36% have a secondary school diploma and 18% have a lower secondary or primary school diploma.

The volunteers live in all Flemish provinces : 21% are from Antwerp, 6% from Limburg, 26% from  Oost-Vlaanderen, 11% from West-Vlaanderen and 24 % didn’t fill in the region.