ALS League Belgium grants 302.000 euro

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PRESS RELEASE: ALS League Belgium grants 302.000 euro “A cure for ALS 2016” research funding

Via its research fund “A cure for ALS”, the patient organisation ALS League Belgium stimulates and finances research into the incurable and deadly nerve muscle disease ALS. Donors can autonomously define the particular project to be supported by their gift.

Three projects have been selected for support by the ALS League Belgium in 2016. Details about these projects and the research teams involved, can be consulted at the website under the item A Cure for ALS.

On Friday November 25th 2016 at 2 pm at our national secretariat in Leuven, we will hand over the collected sum of 302.000 euro to the three research teams.

You are kindly invited to this event; the professors and researchers involved will be present. Please confirm your attendance via


About the ALS League

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a deadly nerve muscle disease causing motor neurons to die. ALS can be described as a disease which gradually paralyses the body completely from the neck onwards. You, the patient, can no longer move, talk, swallow or breath and you become captured within your own body. Emotional, intellectual and sensory capacities remain intact. On average, patients die 33 months after diagnosis, without any hope of healing. Worldwide, more than 450.000 people suffer from ALS, which equals approximately 7 in 100.000. The ALS League Belgium is a non-profit non-subsidized organization, aiming at rendering the last years of the ALS patients lives more agreeable and at supporting their families. To this end psychosocial and administrative help, equipment to improve mobility and communication are provided, contacts with governmental services to defend the patient’s rights are established, scientific research is stimulated and financed via the “A cure for ALS” fund and tailor-made care is accommodated via the “MaMuze” fund.