The Belgian ALS League & H.Essers ship wheelchairs to Argentina

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The Belgian ALS League & H.Essers ship wheelchairs to Argentina

10 electric wheelchairs make a sea journey of 20 days

For the second year in a row logistics service provider H.Essers transported electric wheelchairs on behalf of the Belgian ALS League.

Last year the Belgian ALS League and H.Essers already closed a partnership for the transport of 14 electric wheelchairs to Taiwan. That success story will be extended this year, but this time the ship sets sail for Argentina.

The wheelchairs are transported in the frame of the international humanitarian collaboration between the Belgian ALS League and other international partners. At present, the Belgian ALS League, the association for persons suffering from the incurable and deadly motor neurone disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), donates the electric wheelchairs to her fellow patient association ‘Asociacion ELA Argentina’.

On Thursday October 27th, the 10 electric wheelchairs were carefully packed in Leuven. Hence they were transported in a H.Essers truck to the Forwarding branch of H.Essers in Wilrijk where they were cleared in a sea container for transport to Argentina. Then the goods left to the port of Antwerp where they were boarded by CMA CGM for their trip to Argentina.

On November 2nd the ship departed from the port of Antwerp. The arrival at the port of Buenos Aires is expected 20 days later.

You can follow the complete trajectory of the wheelchairs in pictures and video on the website

Contact information

ALS Liga België: Evy Reviers, CEO, M +32 495 44 67 82,
H.Essers: Sara Geris, Communication Manager, M +32 496 70 58 79,

About the ALS League
ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a deadly nerve muscle disease in which the motor neurons die. The muscles do not get any signals anymore, causing them to paralyze little by little, until the patient can no longer move, talk, swallow and eat. The emotional and intellectual capacities remain intact. On average, patients die 33 months after the diagnosis, without any hope of healing. More than 450.000 people suffer from ALS around the world, which is approximately 7 in 100.000. The ALS League is a non-profit non-subsidized organization, aiming at rendering the last years of the ALS patients lives more agreeable and at supporting their families. To this end psychosocial and administrative help, equipment to improve mobility and communication are provided, contacts with governmental services are established, scientific research is stimulated via the “A cure for ALS” fund and tailor-made care is accommodated.

About the H.Essers company
The H.Essers company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since become one of the leading companies in Europe within major transport and logistics sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high-quality products.
For the past years the company has realized a solid expansion, driven by organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions. In 2015, H.Essers reported a turnover of € 590 million. With 950,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,460 trucks and 3,050 trailers, H.Essers is one of the largest and most successful logistics providers in Europe. The company has over 5,400 employees across 67 offices in 15 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. More information can be found at