World ALS Day


June 21 has been proclaimed as international ALS day all over the world. In Belgium as well we try to put a spotlight on this day each year and draw the government and general public’s attention to the ALS issues.

This is especially done through activities, our ambassadors and also in the media.

But we’re also counting on you. If someone has ideas or feels motivated to develop some kind of activity connected to ALS, we’ll very much appreciate it. The more publicity we give to this terrible disease, the better the issues concerning it will be dealt with.

ALS day can’t just pass by. Patients and their families can’t be the only ones involved on this day.

Together with them we can contribute to start something for example on our own, in our neighborhood or surroundings, and like that give this disease a recognizable “face” to the general public. Not just on June 21, but also afterwards… Drawing attention to ALS is necessary, now and forever.

To find out more about getting in touch with media you can find it in our column TIPS