Ski vacation Antonio Ventriglia

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Last winter sporty pALS Antonio experienced a scary ski vacation but fortunately all ended well.

pALS Antonio Ventriglia from Dilsen-Stokkem just can't sit around doing nothing. Notwithstanding his limitations due to ALS he tries to enjoy every single day. Exercising in wintertime his favorite sport, skiing, is time and again part of it.

For the second consecutive winter Antonio booked a comforting stay in the mountains with an organization that offers ski trips that are specially modified for people with disabilities. Their monitors handle a.o. support at sitskiing. In Lofer, Austria, Antonio had very much fun at skiing for a few days with a great group, until …

… he was victim to a serious fall on the piste. A medical team had to evacuate Antonio by helicopter to the hospital in Salzburg to get a spine surgery. A plate with 8 screws was put in place in order to straighten his spine. He and his family were then repatriated from Salzburg (to Belgium). Just recently Antonio let us know that for the time being he was okay again. So on April 19 he was present at Run-in-Thals for the half marathon, together with Roberto Ena.

For Antonio, fortunately, everyhing worked out just fine. We at the ALS Liga naturally encourage leisure activities and vacation. But always beware of the possible risks! More often than not a fall has a more severe impact on pALS and the period of revalidation is usually longer. 


Translation: André De Laet

Source: ALS Liga-magazine 168 – April, May, June 2015