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Life as it is: living with ALS

Living with ALS demands a lot of a person. Of both the patient and his loved ones. But you are not alone. Right now Belgium has about 1.000 ALS patients. Those are thousand unique and yet recognizable life stories that give hope and comfort at the time of the interview. Some pALS have already left us, but their stories live on..

Find support in stories of partners in distress

Each month in the ALS magazine we let a patient talk. Each and every patient has a positive story, an uplifting message. Patients who tell how ALS changed their lives and how they deal with it. Some talk about finding more meaning in life or a better life. Others talk about courage, to keep going, hang on. Or they discover new hobbies and challenges.

Unique and yet the same

Each ALS patient is unique. Just like their home situation, disease progress, resilience. Yet there are also many similarities. Everyone runs into pretty much the same obstacles, has the same questions and the same fears. That’s why talking to people in the same boat as you and their testimonies are so comforting and hopeful.

Be inspired…

All the stories have been gathered on this page. They’ll undoubtedly inspire you or give you the courage to hold on.

…and tell your own story!

Do you have your own testimony to share? Do you think your life story can help others? Tell us and all ALS patients. Get in touch with our office on info@ALS.be for further appointments and help a fellow patient with your story.

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