No one has a monopoly on wisdom; yet, important tips like the Ten Commandments can be of great importance.  In the editions of the newsletter you also find practical and useful tips that can help you improve the quality of life.

On the right you find a link to tips from an expert on several practical questions of patients (currently only available in dutch).


Tip 63
Flu season: what you should know

Tip 62
Grieving process after diagnosis: strategies to cope with the disease

Tip 61
How to deal with saliva issues?

Tip 60
Bath time: Simple tips for safety and comfort

Tip 59
Tips and Tricks on feeding tubes

Tip 58
Can I slow down loss of saliva and mucus development with food?

Tip 57
Stop feeling guilty when asking for help

Tip 56
Recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression

Tip 54
Dealing with ALS

Tip 53
The warmth of caregivers

Tip 52
Patients and their families

Tip 50
How to conquer our worries

Tip 49
About fatigue, sleep problems, sleeping position and apps to sleep better

Tip 47
How to deal with muscle pain and tremors

Tip 46
11 suggestions for ALS patients who have pain.

Tip 45
Time to cheer up with some music

Tip 44
Support to teenagers

Tip 43
Doctor’s visits

Tip 42
Clean hands can save lives

Tip 41

Tip 40
Additional advice on ALS life’s end

Tip 39
Applying for assistance at home

Tip 38
Planning a trip as pALS

Tip 37
Guidance and advice when providing assistance

Tip 36
Spring and hay fever

Tip 35
Living with ALS and still remain active

Tip 33
Controlling ALS symptoms

Tip 31
Enjoy the holidays: Nutrition tips for PEGs

Tip 29
Wheelchairs: Use

Tip 28
Saliva problems in ALS patients

Tip 27
Dealing with Insecurity

Tip 26

Tip 25
What is stress?

Tip 22
Practical advice

Tip 21
Winter tips for ALS patients

Tip 20
Clothing tips

Tip 18
Magisterial Preparations

Tip 17
Let's get ready for Winter season!

Tip 16
Constipation, obstipation or congestion?

Tip 15
Swollen feet and legs

Tip 8
The ten commandments for the treatment of ALS

Tip 7
Tips to improve communication

Tip 6

Tip 5
Dealing with depression

Tip 4
How to lessen the fatigue that comes with ALS

Tip 3
Some useful tips for during the initial phase

Tip 2
Difficulty in eating and drinking

Tip 1
Activities of daily living