Application procedure Federal Government (FOD)

Applications for the Federal Government (FOD) must always be made through the municipality.

You can also follow up your own file via

Application procedure

When the medical file contains the necessary and sufficient medical information for processing the application on documents, the service doctor can decide about the medical recognition without inviting the person in question. If needed, the person with a disability or the person delegated by him/her will be asked for additional information. If needed, the person with a disability will be invited for an examination.

Those criteria are also mentioned on the digital form (or the paper version), which needs to be filled in by your physician.


Your file can be completed on documents, since it belongs to the category of priority files. It must contain the necessary and sufficient information (such as the report of the NMRC and other specialized reports which may be useful). If the doctor invites you for an examination you can ask if the file can be completed on documents. If not, the best option is an examination. A house visit can also be requested (more information can be found on the back of the notification letter).

(An examination is obligatory in case you request a VAT exemption of the car.)

What do you need to do?

The application needs to be done online. First, you can do a screening to check to what you are entitled. Afterwards, you can submit the actual application. The screening is not obligatory so it can be skipped.

To submit an application yourself, you need a computer, your electronic identification card and a card reader. Note, you need to know the PIN number of your identification card. You can also give authorization to someone in your close circle (another option is the ALS League) to apply in your place. This person needs your identification card and PIN number in order to apply.

Moreover, if you need help with your application, you can contact your health insurance, municipality, the social service of the Public Welfare Centre (OCMW) or the Directorate-General for Disabled Persons. You can indicate that you suffer from a rapidly evolving disease which requires a fast treatment. Be alert that all the necessary medical documents are added to your file, so it is clearly stated that you have been affected by a serious condition. Those documents can be found on our website (under the heading Varia – Application Federal Government (FOD)). The medical documents are essential for a fast administration of the file. If they have not been added to the file, the request for those documents will slow down the application procedure.

It is important that you can provide following information:

- The name and first name of your physician or specialist
- Your bank account number
- The contact information of the person helping you with your application

Your medical information will automatically be requested from your physician or specialist, who can send the information electronically or via a paper form to the department. For that reason, it is not necessary to make an appointment with your physician, unless you or your physician prefer to.

You can follow the status of your file online.

For additional information you can contact:

FOD Sociale Zekerheid
Directie-generaal Personen met een Handicap
Finance Tower
Kruidtuinlaan 50 bus 150
1000 Brussel



Self evaluation

Dear ALS-patient,

In view of the visit to the Advisory Physician of the Federal Government (FOD), the possibility exists to complete the evaluation form that has been drawn in consultation with the physicians of the federal government, beforehand. This form is useful to have a correct view on your health. It offers the physician the possibility to better evaluate your problems and situation. It is not mandatory. You can complete this form yourself or you can complete it in consultation with the ALS association. 

Zelfevaluatieformulier voor pALS (NL)