ALS and nutrition

This brochure provides ALS patients with a clear insight into nutrition and nutritional problems and also supplies some possible instructions and solutions. People among your acquaintances, volunteer aid (family, friends) and assistants, family doctors, nurses, etc. can use it as well.

When digesting becomes a problem, there is a tendency to eat and drink less. But food and liquid are  crucial in the preservation of quality of life to everyone, especially to those who are affected by muscle weakness. Therefore this brochure is highly useful.

Consequently, professional individual support concerning nutrition becomes absolutely necessary. Symptoms, complaints and remedies can differ from one to another, thus adapted advice and treatment are certainly required. You can find yours in a neuromuscular reference centre, where a team of experts is waiting to support you on all fields that are influenced by your disorder.

Knowing what is happening inside your body and knowing what a therapist or doctor is asking and why he is doing this, will make you less worried and anxious about your health and will also help you to undergo a therapy more successfully. During the treatment of persons having a chronic disease, the stress is more and more laid on consultation and sincerity between the aid worker and you as ALS patient who has the right to be well-informed.

ALS and nutrition.pdf