What is the training about?

The purpose of this edifying moment, which is provided by the ALS League, is to answer all your questions.

The lecture will be given by a hands-on expert, is based on a slideshow and will take about 2 x 45 minutes.

Participants will receive an ALS information package.


Who can take part in this training?

This training can be organized for everyone who is interested in knowing more about this very progressive and terrible disease.

But also aid workers like doctors, nursing staff, occupational therapists, speech therapists, … will have one step ahead when a patient reports for guidance and (medical) care.



The standard presentation costs 250 euros.

For more specific lectures, the price will be calculated in advance.


Where will this contribution go to?

1. Support for the ALS research fund     A cure for ALS

2. To making ALS more publicly known, because ignorance is often the biggest opponent        Familiarity of ALS in our society...




Contact our secretariat.

Notice: the application needs to be made at least one month in advance.