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Allied Professionals Forum

Carol Birks: Introducing The International Alliance


Laurie Sterling: Executive function disorders: Engaging the team


Helen Carey: To do or not to do? The conundrum the therapist faces in advising level of 'doing'


Emily K. Plowman: Role of the speech-language therapist in the multidisciplinary ALS/MND clinic


Bernie Corr: Developing an outreach service to set up NIV for patients with ALS/MND in their homes


Rachel McConnell: An evaluation of the airway clearance adjuncts...


Beth Stephens: Examing the impact of YouTube to teach patient care skills in ALS/MND


Malabika Ghosh: Looking beyond the drug: A study exploring the experiences of ALS/MND patients


Pauline Matheson: Care services navigators: Supporting personalisation and choice for PALS/MND


Kaye Stevens: Developing a comprehensive and candid guide on end-of-life decisions for PALS/MND


Gaby Eirew: Emotional legacies: What children need to know and how leaving it assists closure


Sara Jane Murray: Compassion fatigue and burnout: Supporting staff with coping strategies


Kathleen O'Hara: Helping staff and volunteers to deal with compassion fatigue


Moira O'Connor: The end-of-life experience of people with ALS/MND: Bereaved family carers’ accounts


Mary O'Brien: Exploring experience and awareness of bereavement support in family carers of PALS/MND


Sara Feldman: Equipment utilization in the ALS/MND population: Trends and timing


Eduardo Jauregui: Eyes That Speak: Social inclusion, work dignity and life quality for ALS patients


Aline Ollevier: ALS Digitalk (ALS/MND and communication)


Amber Ward: Use of a myoelectric orthotic to enhance functional performance in persons with ALS/MND